Mark Jones Consulting

Experience Worth Leveraging
At Mark Jones Consulting, our lead consultant provides over 25 years of sales, management, training and consultancy insights into helping your business reach its maximum potential. We seek to supplement your resources rather than replace them, and we don’t prescribe to a “one size fits all” approach or methodology.
An initial consultation by Zoom or Teams can help understand your issues and opportunities and narrow down where we can add value. Much of our work can also be delivered in the same manner, particularly where social distancing measures make traditional meetings more challenging.

Typical areas we can bring external expertise and benchmarking include:

Sales Process Design

Building from scratch or helping you get themost out of platforms like

Pay and Benefits Review

Making sure that your offering is properlyaligned to attract and retain the best talent.

Defining Your Companies Culture

Looking at what you have to offerin terms of both ‘hygiene factors’ and ‘motivators’ and thenaligning these with your recruitment approaches to ensure best fit andhigh retention rates.

Talent Management and Development

helping you benchmark your topperformers and creating a pathway to retain and develop them.


Effective onboarding allows you to either widen or target your gene pool of potential talent depending on your businesses specific needs.
Key Features of Mark Jones Consulting


Mark Jones Consulting services provide solutions to your most prevalent sales challenges and hurdles, streamlining future success.


At the core of our consulting approach are proven practices that consistently yield high-quality, customer-centric results.

High Calibre

Our consulting practice is led by a sales veteran with a detailed working knowledge of what it takes to add value to your existing client services.


Our sales consulting team looks at every function across your organisation, giving us the ability to provide in-depth, actionable insights.