Experience has shown us that organisations with the best onboarding (hiring externally) and inboarding (hiring/promoting internally) processes, tend to have significantly higher retention, productivity and employee satisfaction rates.
Effective onboarding allows you to either widen or target your gene pool of potential talent depending on your businesses specific needs. The more readily the skills set and cultural fit of potential talent there is available to you, the more your onboarding process should be aligned to sharpen and focus. The less readily that pool of talent is available to you, the more you have to ‘grow your own’.

As sales specialists, we can work with your HR and leadership teams to ensure that a success pathway is clearly marked out, effectively managed, and creatively promoted as a We can work with your organisation to determine where on that pendulum you might be currently and where you would ideally like to be.
A disappointing or non-existing onboarding experience is one of the most important reasons new hires leave prematurely. We strongly advise our clients that the onboarding period is like the honeymoon for new employees. They’re still on a high from getting that amazing job they wanted so badly and can’t wait to dive right in. As an employer, you want to seize that moment, not fill them with buyers remorse!