Defining Your Culture

A strong culture is a common denominator among the most successful companies. All have consensus at the top regarding cultural priorities, and those values focus not on individuals but on the organization and its goals. Leaders in successful companies live their cultures every day and go out of their way to communicate their cultural identities to employees as well as prospective new hires. They are clear about their values and how those values define their organizations and determine how the organizations run.
Conversely, an ineffective culture can bring down the organization and its leadership. Disengaged employees, high turnover, poor customer relations and lower profits are examples of how the wrong culture can negatively impact the bottom line. As we transition to a more values driven workplace, many of the most successful companies today have recognised the importance of hiring and retaining a good ‘cultural fit’ in their workplaces, with some elevating this significantly higher than ‘on paper’ experience and qualifications.
By better understanding who you are and what you can offer, it will be easier for you to define who might thrive with you and how you might be able to attract them to your workplace.